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Malware cleanup such as adware, trojans, viruses.
Windows re-install or upgrade (any language)
Update Windows with latest drivers and software for optimal performance.
Make Windows 8 or 8.1 look and feel like Windows 7.
Consultation on building or purchasing a new desktop or laptop computer.

Desktop computers:
Build new PC for gaming or office using high quality components.
Install Solid State Drive (SSD) for super fast Windows experience.
Upgrade components such as hard-drive, CPU, motherboard, power supply, graphics card.
Diagnostic of parts such as hard-drive for bad sectors, RAM, power supply.
Transfer data to a new hard-drive or SSD.

Laptop computers:
Order and replace broken parts such as keyboard, touchpad, screen, fan, LCD screen, etc.
Upgrades (hard-drive, SSD, RAM, processor).
Clean the the heatsink fan and replace the CPU/chipset thermal compound with a high quality one.
Diagnostic of components such as hard-drive and RAM.

Help purchase and install a wireless router.
Extend wireless coverage.
Install a cetralized network storage system (some models can be used to stream music and video to SmartTV and other devices).
Configure securty video systems such as DVR or NVR for remote access so you can watch it with your smartphone (Android, iPhone...)
Network printer setup (to share a single printer at home or office)

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