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Phone: 514-677-4357
Website: http://www.k911transport.com

K911 Ambulance Service 24/7:

We are a K911 Emergency Pet Transport (Ambulance) that is in operation 24 /7. Our goal is to provide every pet access to a transport in emergency situations 24/7. Whether it is a regular routine check-up or an emergency, we are fully equipped and certified in Pet first Aid, oxygen therapy, Incubation, Emergency CPR, and 1st response to handle your pet with care during transportation and yes you can even come along with your pet as well. K911 offers a professional service transport and we have an excellent team that will provide the best service for you and your pet 24/7. You and your companion can now have peace of mind knowing that we are just a phone call away in helping your pet get to the medical help he/she needs day or night.

You can have comfort knowing that we are certified first-aiders and will do what we can in aiding pets while being transported to and from the veterinarian facilities. We are certified in Pet First-Aid, Oxygen therapy, Emergency CPR, and 1st Response and are professionals in helping moving & transporting your pet safely to and from veterinary clinics & hospitals.

-Oxygen Therapy:
K911also provides a transport service of oxygen therapy to pets that need to get to the emergency animal hospitals, and clinics. We also offer Home oxygen therapy to pets that need oxygen on an occasional basis where the pet is most comfortable at home to receive it.

-Inter-Hospital Transfer:
K911 services Inter-Hospital Transfers from clinics to emergency hospitals. We are available for you when you need a professional service to get your pet from a clinic to an emergency facility and can provide oxygen therapy during transport. K911 Emergency Transport (Ambulance) is working together with the Veterinaries 24 /7 Emergency Animal Hospitals and Clinics on and off the island of Montreal.

-Pet Deceased Removal:
In the event your pet passes away day or night, you can now count on K911 to be there. We believe your pet deserves the highest respect for their years of companionship. By using K911`s Pet Deceased Removal service, your pet will be gently removed with the upmost dignity and respect they deserve that only K911 can provide. In the event you would like a commemorative service, ask K911 what they can do for you. To many pet owners, the loss of a pet takes on the same importance as the loss of a member of the family. Some may not understand the profound sense of loss that one feels when their pet dies, but here at K911, we do.

-Cremation Services:
K911 together with Eternal Companions can offer you a private ceremony for your pet. Only at Eternal companions you will find the dignity and respect that is well deserving of your companion. We here at K911 have recently used their private ceremony when out pet Timba, lab mix and an SPCA adoption, passed away on April 4, 2009. We witnessed the whole ceremony for A-Z and we were quite impressed and Eternal companions went above and beyond for us here at K911

-Pick-up & Delivery:
K911 transport also offers a door to door pick-up and delivery service from anywhere in Montreal; our vehicles are fully air-conditioned to ensure your pet has a cool comfortable journey to and from the veterinary clinics, and hospitals. From doggie-daycare to pet decease removals to funeral services, call us and ask how K911 can be of service for your pet.

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